Coaching and Practice Management

Practical solutions to the management of time, personnel, stress and production. 
​The following list will be covered by us as your dental consultant: 

  • Organizational Development
  • Time Management
  • Patient Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Cancellations / No Shows
  • Stress Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Job Descriptions
  • Personnel Management
  • Staff Motivation
  • Leadership Styles
  • Delegating Responsibility
  • Communication Skills
  • Hiring and Firing Guidelines
  • Personnel Manuals
  • OSHA Guidelines
  • HIPAA Guidelines

Employee Management

  • We write and place employment ads
  • Screen Applicants
  • Review Resumes
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Check References
  • Check Licenses when required
  • Provide sample associate agreements


  • Annual Business Plan and mid-year review
  • Projections and Goal Setting
  • Income Statement Analysis
  • Expense Control
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Practice Economics


As dental consultants, we give you techniques, information and ideas designed and proven to increase patient base and production. This includes the following: 

  • When to use Newsletters (or not)
  • How to increase patient referrals
  • Understanding demographics and psychographics
  • How and when to use direct mail
  • Advantages/disadvantages in using marriage mailers,coupons (value pack, etc.)
  • Why monitoring is essential for any marketing plan
  • Where can email marketing fit into your practice
  • Huge savings in co-op marketing

E-Mail Marketing

Connecting with your Customers is important for Follow up Sales and Customer Testimonials, but you need a plan before you send the first email. Issues to consider:

  • How often?
  • Text or html messages that look like web pages? 
  • Can you avoid Spam problems?
  • ​Can you target your messages to groups of patients such as families, senior citizens, cosmetic dentistry candidates?
  • You need a plan to track and measure results so that your marketing can improve over time.

Practice Sales

Gundelach and Associates has been helping our clients prepare for the maximum return on investment from their practice and sell their practice with minimal costs and headaches since 1984.

Because we have both Practice Sales experience and Practice Management experience, We Do More than your typical Real Estate Broker.  We understand all of the issues of the process for you, your team and your patients. We walk you through every step.  We have California Brokers & Agents Licenses so we can facilitate the sale or purchase of  real estate assets as well as your dental practice.

Click here for more information, and contact us for references.

Practice Systems

As dental consultants, we provide techniques and information to improve monitoring and maintaining of the following areas:

  • Stream lined paperwork flow
  • Maximum benefit Insurance Processing
  • Patient Relations
  • Scheduling for high profit
  • Continuing care system that works
  • Collection and Accounts Receivable management
  • Essential Statistical Analysis
  • Bonus systems you and your staff will love
  • Record Keeping guidelines
  • Chart Audit production boosters
  • Computer integration
  • Friendly and attractive Financial Arrangements

Practice Transitions

In addition to our standard management services as dental consultants we offer a variety of other services related to practice transactions. These services are on a fee-for service basis. They include the following:

  • Practice Sales
  • Real Estate Sales / Loans
  • Associates / Partnership Agreements

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